Simple and secure blockchain-based idea and file verification

The blockchain provides an incredibly secure way to record and store ideas and information. The blockchain cannot be altered and is stored simultaneously on a network of computers around the world, making it virtually impossible to hack. With ConceptCrypt, you can take advantage of this incredibly secure technology to verify the authenticity of an idea or any file (up to 250MB). Once recorded in the blockchain, your file can be verified by anyone who has the original version, at anytime, for free. For more details about how ConceptCrypt works, click here

How it works:

Choose a File

Some file formats are better than others—see the FAQ on our about page for preferred file types—but there are no limitations on what a file can contain. Videos, images, audio recordings, and text files can all be recorded and verified.

Pay a Small Fee

The cost to store a file in the blockchain is very small. Each file upload requires a one-time payment code, which can be purchased via PayPal.

Upload to Blockchain

A record of your file is stored in the blockchain. Verifications are free and may be performed as often as desired; you'll just need to maintain your original, unaltered file.

Get started